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10 Team IPL in 2020?

Mega Auctions
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With the conclusion of season 13 of the Indian Premier League, Talks of a 10 team IPL are doing the rounds, This would dramatically increase the number of matches in a season.

The mind goes back to the 2012-13 season when the Kochi Tuskers and the Pune Warriors had made their maiden appearance in the IPL, Taking up the the total number of matches played in a season upto 76 and more or less saturating the appetite of the daily Indian consumer, Agreed that the die hard fanatics still followed each ball to the tee but that is the kind of appetite we rarely see.

To cut the long story short this may not only be a hindrance to the show of quality when it comes to the Indian contingent, This model may also run the risk of spreading the quality too thin with  fan loyalty coming into question after constant Mega auctions.

Teams like Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals have just recently started getting their core of young Indian players and might already be forced to depart with their valuable players,This only furthers the question, Is a Mega Auction really constructive?

Now let’s come to the million dollar question, Does the Indian audience or sports fanatic have the stomach for a 80 match IPL Extravaganza, Truth be told it will most certainly open up a pandora’s box, Player fatigue, Player availibility due to International commitments as well as scheduling double headers on week days.

The issue that might actually make or break it for the IPL in this case however might be the injury concerns such a long season might bring along , Will this in the long run diminish the Indian Premier League brand? It’s a guessing game at the moment, But as a wise man once said ” Sometimes less is more



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