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The New Rules introduced in Big Bash League 10

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The new season of the Big Bash League will bring along a host of changes introduced and it will be fascinating to see how teams and captains deal with these strategic changes and work around them.

Bash Boost

  • 4 Points Available for winning in a Match.
  • 3 Points available for an Outright Victory.
  • Extra Point given to the team that manages to get a better score after the 10 over mark.
  • If both teams score equal amount of runs then the team with fewer wickets lost will win the Bash Boost.


This is a rule that almost eliminates the need of Net Run Rate with so many permutations and combinations coming into play, The team batting second will most certainly be at an advantage considering they will know how much they need to chase down and can efficiently treat it like a T10 contest.

Power Surge

  • Traditional Six Over Power play scrapped.
  • Mandatory 4 Over Power Play at the start of the Innings.
  • Remaining 2 Overs can be taken any time after the 10th over by the Batting team.

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Awise man once said don’t fix what’s not broken, This might be the most relevant when thinking of the newly introduced Power Surge rule, Players would be quite reluctant to take risks post the 4 over mark and brings undue burden on Bowlers to execute their traits in an already Batsman friendly game.

The X-Factor

  • Teams Can substitute one of their starting XI Players at the 10 Over mark.
  • Players being replaced can’t have batted or Bowled more than 1 over in the Match.
  • Teams to start with a team of 13 instead of a traditional 12.(The 12th and the 13th Player being possible X-Factor Players).


This might be the only rule I might actually consider to be good for the game, Suppose a team is 5 down for 70 at the 10th over mark and would like to make a substitution, It’s a welcome change because it may help them to post a respectably decent total that might actually make a match out of it But Overall the Jury is still out on these rules.


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